ATE prepares traffic studies to complete analysis that will determine and recommend short and long term solutions to improve the safety and efficiency of street systems, as well as reduce accidents and assist in possible future development of public infrastructure. In the past ATE has prepared traffic studies for shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, and various government agencies.

Aldersgate Senior Housing Traffic Study- Oxnard, California

ATE assessed potential project impacts to the City’s street system, as well as collected traffic volume data for 6 intersections in the project area. Included in the study area were average daily peak hour trip generation estimates, calculation of existing and project levels of service, a traffic volume forecast, and recommended mitigation measures for project-specific and cumulative impacts.


 Westwood Communities Corp. Mixed Use Project- Port Hueneme, California

ATE developed a traffic and parking analysis that included estimates of trip generation and trip distribution, traffic flow patterns for nearby intersections and the proposed parking lot, and provide a signal warrant analysis for the proposed main driveway.  



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